The RALI-THINICE logo is ready !

RALI-THINICE has a logo ! Do not hesitate to use it for your RALI-THINICE presentations ! The RALI-THINICE’s team thanks Martin Mounier for his help on the logo design and conceptualization.


16 flights realized during RALI-THINICE with the SAFIRE ATR42 !

During the RALI-THINICE field campaign, 16 flights were performed by the French SAFIRE ATR42 to sample diverse areas of Arctic Cyclone such as warm front, warm sector, low-level jet, cyclone core, Warm Conveyor Belt, cold sector, Tropopause Polar Vortices, … Thus, a total of 61h30 of flight time has been realized.


Welcome to the RALI-THINICE project

We are happy to announce the opening of our new website dedicated to RALI-THINICE. Let’s have a look ! In the forthcoming days, you will find all information about the project.