Flights zones

Flight areas:

Three main flights zones were possible for the ATR42:

  • The green zone corresponds to Longyearbyen-Longyearbyen flights with a duration of 3h30 and a radius of 400 nautical miles, albeit some limitations to the east and north.
  • The blue zone corresponds to flights in the direction of an airport north of Norway with a refuel there
  • The red zone corresponds to the possibility of operating the aircraft in the vicinity of Iceland.
16 ATR42 flights during RALI-THINICE

Flights of the field campaign:

During the RALI-THINICE field campaign, 16 flights were performed by the French SAFIRE ATR42 to sample diverse areas of Arctic Cyclone such as warm front, warm sector, low-level jet, cyclone core, Warm Conveyor Belt, cold sector, Tropopause Polar Vortices, …

Thus, a total of 61h30 of flight time has been realized.