Numerical modelling

The ability of Numerical Weather Prediction (NWP) and climate models to accurately represent Arctic cyclones, tropopause polar vortices, and their interactions with cloud microphysics and surface heterogeneities will be assessed.

This is the list of the different models concidered for the French team’s studies:

  • Global models:
    • ARPEGE: This global NWP model is operational at Météo-France (T1798 resolution with full physics and 105 vertical levels, stretched horizontal grid).
    • LMDZ: LMDZ is the atmospheric component of the Institut Pierre Simon Laplace – Coupled Model.
  • Regional models:
    • AROME-Arctic: The AROME-Arctic1 model with 2.5 km resolution centered over Svalbard and north of Norway used by the Norwegian Meteorological institute (MET Norway) for NWP, is a configuration of the ALADIN-HIRLAM cooperation.
    • AROME: A new version of AROME 2, the regional limited-are model operational at Météo-France on a domain over France, has been developed with the same domain over Svalbard as the AROME-Arctic model. This model differs from AROME-Arctic mainly by its cloud microphysic and turbulence schemes.
    • Polar WRF: Polar WRF is an optimized version of the state-of-the-art WRF mesoscale model for polar region.
    • ICOLMDZ: This limited-area model use the new dynamical core DYNAMICO developped at Institut Pierre Simon Laplace with a icosahedric grid, and the physical parameterization of LMDZ.

The sensitivity to different parameters will be tested and analyzed (See table 1.1):

ModelCloud Microphysical scheme availableSensitivity to parametersSea iceResolution
ARPEGELopez (2002) – partition function liquid/iceGELATO1D5-10km
LMDZMadeleine et al. (2020) – partition function liquid/ice
– ice snow fall speed
50km in zoom
AROME-Arctic2.5 km
AROME – ICE3 (Pinty and Jabouille, 1998)
– LIMA (Vié et al., 2016)
– partition function liquid/ice
GELATO1D1.3 km
Polar WRF – Morrison et al (2009)
– Milbrandt and Yau (2005)
1 km, 5 km, 25 km
ICOLMDZMadeleine et al. (2020)27.5 km
Table 1.1: Models configuration
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